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The Best Golf Instructor – Golf Lessons and Golf Teacher in San Diego

Whether you’re a “true beginner” that’s just starting to take up golf… or an advanced player wanting to experience consistent success at the game’s highest level… you’ve found San Diego’s best golf instructor.

Jim Hassey is one of the nation’s leading golf instructors. What makes Jim so sought after as a golf instructor is his clear and intimate knowledge of both the physics and bio-mechanics involved in the golf-swing. Jim is able to educate his students about not only ‘what’ they should be doing throughout every point in the golf-swing, but clearly explains ‘why’ they should be achieving certain things in a correct swing.

It is Jim’s unique method and approach that has enabled him to achieve such amazing improvement in such short periods of time with every single student he works with. Jim’s unique approach also allows his students to be able to self-analyze and immediately self-correct their swings whenever a flaw does find its way into his student’s swings.

“Making sure my students clearly understand the golf swing ensures that my students’ swings never get too far off the correct path. Immediately following a ‘poor’ swing with a ‘correct’ swing is what leads to more well-struck golf-shots and lower scores.”

Jim has been recognized for his exceptional ability to convey the advanced vital concepts in easy to understand ways that can be grasped by his students quickly, that has allowed every one of his students to be able to achieve amazing results immediately that hold up under pressure.

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