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It is Jim’s advanced understanding of how the laws of physics and fundamental rules of kinesiology/bio-mechanics must work together in a correct swing, and Jim’s unique 5-Step Swing approach and methodology that has allowed him to achieve such huge success with every single student he’s worked with. Here are just a few of the 5-Star Reviews Jim has received:


Angel Hill

I just completed my 2nd Golf Lesson with Golf Instructor Jim. It’s evident that he’s had years of experience teaching Golf.
Mr. Hassey is a very good Instructor and I look forward to my future Lessons.


Dr. Casey Robinson

Had my first lesson from Jim the other day and must say it was a great experience. His teaching style lends itself to creating a lasting kinesthetic awareness that really sticks with you…


Troy Morrison

UNBELIEVABLE! An amazing teacher – Goes above and beyond. I’ve gone to some very well-known instructors in San Diego and he is the best. He literally saved me from giving up the game in one lesson!


Mose Letoi

Had a great experience with Jim. I am a 6 handicap player struggling with consistency. I have been playing for 15 years and took numerous lessons from various golf instructors; I can honestly say Jim without a doubt is the best.



I decided to take my first golf lesson to improve my golf game. Jim gives amazing instruction utilizing technology.


Michael Garten Former PGA Trnmnt Dir. (The Accenture)

Of all the golf instructors with whom I have taken lessons, Jim Hassey is quite simply the best…


Alan Nematbakhsh

I’ve been playing for a number of years and have recently plateaued at a 9 handicap. I just completed my first lesson with Jim. “WOW”….


Marisela de la Concha

Great golf coach. Patient and focused. In just one lesson I made huge improvement. I recommend him 100% and will continue with more classes.


William Han

After a long search for the right instructor I came upon Jim and was not disappointed. His ability to breakdown the swing in simple phases and explain the concepts really made me see what I have been doing wrong…


Gary Molina

I have taken lessons before, read and practiced various techniques, and watched a number of videos in hopes of perfecting my golf game. I quickly picked up on Jim’s passion and love for the game, but what truly struck me was an unmatched attention and focus towards perfecting my game.


Janna Owens

As a new golfer, I watched golf videos without much success. Then I found Jim. He’s patient and I’m grateful for his positive feedback and enthusiastic encouragement….

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