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Golf Lessons for Men

If you’re looking for the best golf instructor in San Diego for golf lessons for men – there’s no better place.


Golf lessons for adult males is slightly different than, say golf lessons for juniors or even adult women.


The biggest difference in working with adult ‘male’ students as opposed to adult ‘female’ students or ‘juniors’ is how the male mind works. For the most part, men are very concerned with “power” and “distance”. This is generally different than working with ‘female’ students who tend to be mainly focused and concerned with making a golf-swing that is fundamentally ‘correct’. And these differences aren’t necessarily bad things. They are instinctual. Not only knowing the correct technique as well as how to work with the male thinking pattern is what makes Jim Hassey San Diego’s best golf instructor.


When working with adult ‘males’ it is important to keep reminding the student that it’s vital to “walk before we run”. Almost without fail when I show the adult male student the correct technique and he starts getting the hang of it, he begins hitting shots he’d never hit before. He starts compressing the ball and hitting draws instead of fades or slices. The student becomes excited. And he almost always starts pushing the limits of his new swing to see what this new swing can do.


And when the student starts taking hard swings at the ball his old technique will rear its ugly head and he will go back to hitting the fat shots… or thin shots… or slices that he was hitting before we improved his technique.

When I see the student make a swing with the new golf-swing technique that is now technically correct, and I see the look on his face when he compresses the ball and hits a shot he’s never hit before… I quickly remind him that it’s been my experience that when a student (male golfer) makes a correct golf-swing and hits a shot like the one he just hit, the student will usually make the mistake of swinging noticeably harder on the next swing. I also remind him that this is perfectly normal human behavior.


I remind the male golf-student that when he makes a technically correct swing and hits a beautiful shot, he should be aware of the instinct and tendency to make a subsequent harder swing. I remind him to make his next swing slightly smoother than the one before it… to continue to give the swing time for all the elements to occur throughout the golf-swing… and that if he uses the correct technique he will make better contact with the golf-ball… and that he will hit the ball farther with less effort, so the ‘easier’ swing will give him the chance to repeat the correct technique much easier.


It is only after the student has made the new technique almost second nature that he should push the limits of his swing. And even then, this should only be done when the risk-reward scenario warrants it.

If it does not then the golfer should swing well within himself. He should swing only at approximately 70% – 80% of maximum effort. Although we want to build a swing where the student receives 100% of the benefit of his new correct technique, he should only swing at no greater than 80% of his maximum effort.

Although the ‘male’ golf student generally has a great ability to grasp the physics and bio-mechanics involved in the correct technique, it has been my experience that to make the most improvement in the student’s golf-swing in the shortest amount of time, it’s important to stay aware of the differences in the general tendencies of ‘male’ golf-students as opposed to ‘female’ golf students or even ‘junior’ golf students.


If you’re a ‘male’ golf student looking to improve your game and want to work with an instructor that knows the correct technique as well as knows how to get you the most improvement in a short amount of time, contact Professional Golf Instructor Jim Hassey.