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junior1If you’re looking for the best golf instructor for golf lessons for juniors – there’s no better place.

I have a special extra passion for working with juniors.

Although I never tire of working with adults and showing adult golfers the correct technique, then seeing the looks on their faces when they hit golf shots they never thought they could hit… it pales in comparison to the satisfaction I get from teaching juniors the correct technique.

The reason being that if a junior golfer learns the wrong technique, it can be devastating. And conversely, if the junior golfer learns the ‘correct’ technique the opportunities are endless (both ‘golf’ specific as well as ‘non’-golf-specific). Golf can be the catalyst for greatness… whether it be ‘in’ the sport of golf or not.

Generally junior golfers play well because there is less pressure when they’re young. Young golfers can get away with ‘swinging away’… and basing their swings on ‘timing’ and ‘hand-eye’ coordination. If for no other reason other than when a junior golfer is hitting a 7-iron only 100 yards or hitting a driver 180 yards… the ramifications of a missed shot don’t have the same consequences as a missed drive of 280 yards. Additionally, as the junior golfer gets older, the stakes get higher and the pressures become greater. There are golf-teams to make… or tournaments to compete in or win… and scholarships to earn.

And what makes it especially important to find a golf-instructor that will teach the junior the correct technique from the beginning, is that when as the junior golfer ages and the technique they were taught is not holding up under pressure and the junior golfer begins to learn that s/he was not taught the correct technique… the damage has already been done. The proverbial “ship has sailed”. And depending on the junior golfer’s goals, it can be an overwhelming task to overhaul the golf-swing to replace the old faulty technique with new correct golf technique.

Golfers walking together on golf course

Golf can be the catalyst for opportunity. Whether it’s earning a college golf-scholarship and/or earning a living on the tour… or the junior golfer growing up and playing a round with colleagues and/or playing with the boss or playing with someone that could offer a job. Golf is a unique sport in that when a person knows the correct technique, s/he becomes valuable to everyone around them. Others want to know what s/he knows.

As you can see making sure junior golfers learn the correct technique holds a special place in my heart. Whether it be so the junior golfer can enjoy the game more throughout his/her life or so that they can take their games to the highest levels… if a junior golfer learns the correct technique at a young age, the opportunities will be endless.

As a former prodigy phenom myself, I would have traveled anywhere in the world to find an instructor that knew the golf-swing the way I do now… anywhere.

If you’re a junior golfer (or you know one) that wants to learn the correct golf-swing technique, contact me or have them contact me for a lesson.