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Juniors learning the wrong and incorrect golf technique can be devastating and embarrassing. Conversely, juniors learning the correct golf technique early is priceless.

Golf Does Not Favor the Big, Strong, Tall or Fast.

The thing I like probably most about golf is that it is unique from all other sports, in that the game of golf and the golf-ball does not care how bigthe player is, nor how fast, or tall or strong or rich or poor the player is. I have given lessons to professional and advanced athletes, such as basketball players, football players, baseball and tennis players and more. Many (if not all) of them was in advanced physical shape. I As an example, probably all ofthe football players that started their lessons, could have picked me up and thrown me, and because of their poor golf technique (at the beginning of their lessons), they could likely have thrown me farther than they could hit a golf-ball. 🙂 In golf, the correct technique means everything.

Youth Can Be Deceiving

Generally, young junior golfers who have the incorrect golf-swing technique, seem to play well for a few reasons that fall apart later. Usually, young junior golfers feel less pressure. They’re just having fun when they’re young. There isn’t the pressure yet of not wanting to embarrass themselves in-front of their peers, or the pressure of making a golf-team, or thoughts of earning a golf-scholarship. The young junior golfer usually has better hand-eye coordination, and their bad shots (which don’t travel as far when they’re young) don’t get in as much trouble as those shots do as the golfer gets older and hits the ball farther. Missed shots when the golfer is younger, usually don’t travel far enough to reach a hazard, sand-traps or the out-of-bounds, which changes as the child-player gets older and their bad shots start traveling farther.

Learning To Play Golf Correctly Early Can Help Many Areas of The Young Golfer’s Life

The young junior golfer who learns the correct golf-technique can see improvements in many areas of their life. When a junior learns the correct golf-technique, the junior can acquire more confidence in themselves; they can make friends easier, and they can benefit from opportunities that become available that might not have been presented without their correct golfing talent. And knowing how to play golf correctly can improve parent-child relationships.

It’s Vital To Start the Young Junior Golfer With the Correct Golf  Instructor Before Bad Habits Are Ingrained

Young junior golfers have the time and usually the drive to ingrain what  they are taught. If they are taught and ingrain incorrect golf technique, they will usually have to find out the hard-way that they need to make corrections, which could be too late. Although bad-habits can be corrected, the young golfer’s bad-habits may be too ingrained to change quickly enough before an important round with friends or co-workers or boss, or before an upcoming tournament.

As you can see, making sure junior golfers learn the correct technique is priceless. Whether it be so the junior golfer can enjoy the game more throughout his/her life, or so that they can take their games to the highest levels… if a junior golfer learns the correct technique as early as possible, the opportunities will be endless.


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