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Golf Swing Instruction & Teaching Philosophy

Whether you’re a “true beginner” that’s just starting to take up golf… or an advanced player wanting to experience consistent success at the game’s highest level… you’ve found San Diego’s best golf instructor.

It is Jim’s advanced understanding of how the laws of physics and fundamental rules of kinesiology/bio-mechanics must work together in a correct swing, and Jim’s unique 5-Step Swing approach and methodology, that has allowed him to achieve such huge success with every single student he’s worked with.
“If you want to play this game… you HAVE to work with Jim. It’s amazing! Anytime a flaw has worked it’s way into my swing.. I see Jim and he immediately fixes it. He’s a genius!” – James Lee, San Diego

Jim has learned from the game’s greatest instructors and has an endless library of knowledge to draw upon. Jim knows, in impressive detail, exactly ‘what’ needs to take place at every point in the golf swing… as well as ‘why’ it needs to occur… and makes sure his students understand this so they can be their own swing-coach when they’re on the course and/or practicing on their own away from Jim.

Whether it’s making the theories easy to understand to his students that come from The Golfing Machine and it’s concepts of Geometrically Oriented Linear Force… or the One-Plane swing… the Two-Plane swing, Stack-n-Tilt or the Classic swing… Jim’s intimate knowledge of the full-swing as well as the short-game makes him sought out by golfers all over the world.

“Almost always… the first thing I need to fix with every student I work with, is correcting their Right hand pushing or ‘flipping’. Once I use my unique approach and method of correcting this, almost every other part of the swing falls into place much easier. The takeaway improves… the golfer stops coming over the top… and the golfer’s hands no longer ‘decelerate’ through impact. The golfer is able to swing slower and easier and because the hands actually ‘accelerate’ through impact the golfer hits the ball farther with more consistency while swinging slower and smoother.” – Jim Hassey, Golf Swing Coach

There are two unarguable events that must occur in a golf-swing. #1 – the hands must lead the club-head into and through impact while the club-‘face’ goes from an ‘open’ position to ‘closing’. ‘Closing the clubface correctly’ is completely separate from ‘release’. And understanding this difference can mean the difference between a golfer spending the rest of his/her golfing career never improving… or immediately seeing amazing advancement and experiencing consistent golf-shots with more less effort.

The second event that must occur is that the golfer must have a somewhat aggressive weight shift in his/her swing. S/he must shift their weight into the inside of their rear foot and then in the downswing, shift the weight to the outside of their front foot. Again, (similar to closing the club-face by ‘flipping’ with the Right hand) a multitude of negative effects occur when a golfer tries to leave any significant amount of weight on their front foot throughout a golf-swing. As an example, leaving too much weight on the front foot in the back-swing promotes a path of the hands that is too far to the inside on the back-swing… which in turn leads to the golfer having to come over-the-top on the down-swing.

This is just a glimpse of how easy the golf-swing can become once the golfer truly understands the physics and bio-mechanics behind a ‘correct’ swing.

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