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Golf Lessons for Women

golf-womenIf you’re looking for the best golf instructor in San Diego for golf lessons for women – there’s no better place.

Golf lessons for females is slightly different than… say… golf lessons for juniors or even adult men.

The biggest difference in working with adult ‘female’ students as opposed to men or juniors is not only how the female ‘mind’ works but also the fact that (generally) the female is not as strong ‘physically’ as a man.

However, in many instances, women hold a distinct advantage over men.

Female golf students, for the most part, are not concerned with “power” and “distance” as much as male golfers. That’s not to say female golfers are not concerned with distance at all, it’s just that pure distance for distance sake is not the consuming be-all-end-all like it tends to be with male golfers. And although the female golfer does not tend to have the brute strength of male golfers, this generally is a benefit because after the female golf student understands how golf is more about ‘technique’ rather than pure power, she commits herself to mastering the correct technique.

I of course love helping male golfers improve their golf games… however, helping female golfers learn and master the correct technique brings a unique fulfillment. It is very pleasing to see a female golfer begin to get the hang of the correct golf-swing technique and begin to hit the golf ball farther and farther with relatively little effort.

It’s enjoyable helping men and juniors, however, seeing the joy that female golf students experience when they start mastering the correct technique of a game that can be so elusive, makes teaching golf fun.

If you’re a ‘female’ golf student looking to improve your game and want to work with an instructor that knows the correct technique as well as knows how to get you the most improvement in a short amount of time, contact Professional Golf Instructor Jim Hassey.