Are golf lessons worth it for beginners?

Golf is hard enough, even using ‘correct’ technique, much less swinging with ‘incorrect’ technique. Likely a beginning golfer wants the game to be as easy as possible and to have fun. If the game is too difficult to the beginning golfer, s/he will likely not stick with golf and will eventually stop playing this wonderful game.

Starting with the correct technique will give the beginning golfer a better chance of experiencing hitting well-struck golf-shots, more consistently. This will make the game more enjoyable to the beginning golfer, which will make the beginning golfer want to practice more and get better, and will likely even get the beginning golfer to encourage family and friends that don’t play golf yet, to give it a try, which will grow the game.

The one caveat

The one caveat is, and it’s a big one, golf lessons will only be ‘worth it’ for the beginning golfer, if they’re from a golf instructor that teaches the beginning golfer the ‘correct’ golf-swing technique. A beginning golfer that takes lessons from a golf-instructor that teaches the beginning golfer incorrect technique, might as well not take lessons at all. 

If a beginning golfer is about to take lessons from a golf-instructor that does not teach the correct golf-swing technique, lessons for the beginning golfer, are definitely not ‘worth it’. But if the beginning golfer is about to take lessons from a golf-instructor that teaches the correct technique, golf-lessons are priceless.

How To Find The Best Golf Instructor

There are a few steps and options for a beginning golfer in choosing the best golf instructor. One thing to research is what previous students say about a golf-instructor. On-line, you can look at the golf-instructor’s on-line REVIEWS. What has the golf-instructor’s previous students said about him/her in their Reviews? If the beginning golfer is still unsure, s/he can also ‘call’ the golf-instructor and ask questions about the golf-instructors’ approach. The beginning golfer can also go out to where the golf-instructor gives lessons and watch how the golf-instructor works with his/her golf students.  Additionally, the beginning golfer, while s/he is out watching the golf-instructor work with his/her golf students, can ask one (or more) of the golf-students that has just finished their lesson with the golf-instructor, how they liked their lesson and whether they’d recommend the golf-instructor. 

Lastly, the beginning golfer can take just one lesson (to begin with), from a golf-instructor to personally see if the beginning golfer would get value from taking some golf-lessons. A good golf-instructor should be willing to get the beginning golfer as much help as possible for the beginning golfer’s hard-earned money.

Personally, I ask all my golf-clients to send me videos of their golf-swings so I can download those videos, analyze and ‘coach’ them, and send those coached videos back to my clients… FREE of charge.  When I’m working with a golf-client, I’ll even show the golfer how to use their cell-phone to take videos of their swing, how to ‘trim’ that video, and how to email it to me, so I can keep working with them on their technique as much as possible between lessons.

I hope this information is helpful to the beginning golfer in deciding whether golf lessons are worth it for beginners. 

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