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The Best On-Line Golf Video Analysis

In my opinion, ‘on-line’ golf instruction has not been beneficial to the golf student for 2 main reasons.

First, almost every ‘on-line’ golf-swing analysis has been to general in nature. Every ‘on-line’ video analysis I’ve seen other instructors give, the instructors make too general of statements such as… “Okay Mr. (or Ms.) golf student… after you do that, then just release the club and swing through the golf ball….” (or something similar). This is too general and does not give the golfer a sense of exactly what s/he should be doing. Golf is a game of extreme detail. The smallest of mistakes can result in exponentially large negative results. So if the instructor allows the golf student’s technique to be incorrect (even a small amount) the student will either not improve as much as s/he could, or not improve at all, or even worse the student will get worse.

Second, the instructor does not have a clear enough understanding of the golf-swing. It is difficult enough for a good instructor to pin-point on a golf-student exactly what needs to be corrected and in what order to make corrections, much less instructors that do not have a good understanding of the correct technique and how to communicate the correct technique to the golf student.

In order for On-Line golf instruction to be beneficial and worth the investment to the golfer, at a minimum 2 things must occur. First, the instructor must have a crystal-clear understanding of the correct technique. The golf instructor must know exactly what to look for in the video the golf student sends him/her. If the instructor does not know what to look for, how can s/he know what, on the student, to improve… and in what order to tell the student to make the needed corrections. Second, the instructor must be able to communicate in exact detail what the student needs to do to correct their incorrect technique. Assuming the golf instructor knows the correct technique, if the instructor cannot communicate with clarity to the student what s/he must do, the student will not make the needed changes and a huge opportunity for the student to improve has been wasted.

For on-line instruction to actually improve the student’s game, the instructor must be willing to put in even more effort to the on-line student than a student that comes see the instructor in-person. And many instructors are either unwilling to do that, or don’t know how to provide effective on-line instruction.

That being said, I have created and tested what I believe to be the best 2 On-Line packages for the golf student to choose from:

Package #1 – For the Advanced Golfer: $100

Some students’ technique is very close to correct. This golfer consistently breaks 80 (approximately 90% of the time) but some incorrect
technique/bug has crept its way into this golfer’s swing and the golfer just can’t figure out what it is and needs an experienced eye (like mine) to
figure it out. This golfer tends to be very familiar with all the various swing methodologies and when I make reference to a particular topic, they know exactly what I am talking about without a lot of explanation required on my part about the reference(s) I make. The student quickly grasps what I’m telling him/her and they quickly and efficiently put it into practice without a lot of continued corrections and constant oversight by me.

For these golfers I offer Package #1 which consists of:
1 – Analysis of a video the golfer takes of themselves Face-On.
2 – Analysis of a video the golfer takes of themselves from Behind-Down-the-Line.
3 – An on-line meeting with the golf-student where we both in real-time (at the same time) can see the videos of the golfers’ videos as well as can see each other to clarify what corrections need to be made and why.
The golfer is then free to move forward and start putting the necessary corrections into place.

Package #2 – More In-depth & Extensive Package: $200

This package is for the golfer that either needs or wants the most an on-line lesson can provide. Personally, I prefer this package because it allows
me to keep a very close eye on the golfer and his/her changes and path moving forward.
Package #2 consists of:
1 – Analysis of a video the golfer takes of themselves Face-On.
2 – Analysis of a video the golfer takes of themselves from Behind-Down-the-Line.
3 – The golfer is given a game-plan of how to make the needed changes. Generally consisting of simple (but valuable) drills to perform
over the next week or two.
4 – An on-line meeting with the golf-student where we both in real-time (at the same time) are looking at the video(s) and discussing what
needs to be corrected and why the correction needs to be made.
5 – Constant Guidance Through Transition: The golf student then takes videos of him/herself performing the drills necessary to improve
their technique and submits to me those videos of themselves doing the drills and making the new swings. I will then analyze these videos to make sure the golfer is making the necessary changes correctly. Because if the golfer is doing the things that are needed to improve their swing and doing those things correctly, s/he will improve much quicker.
6 – Follow-up: After the golfer has been performing the drills correctly and making the new swings correctly, the golfer submits 2 more
videos (Face-on and Behind-down-the-line) for review. I will then analyze those AFTER videos to let the golfer know what changes (if any) need to be made from that point forward.

If you have questions about On-Line Golf Swing Video Analysis, click the link below and submit and inquiry.

1 – Which package you are interest in (#1 or #2)
2 – What area(s) you believe you need help with. (i.e. – “consistency” – “distance” – “pitch-shots” – “irons” – “driver”, etc.)
3 – Any other questions you may have.
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