West Hills High School Student Qualifies for His Golf Team After Working With Golf Instructor Jim Hassey For Only 4 Weeks !

Antonio’s father found Mr. Hassey after Antonio had worked with other golf instructors and wasn’t seeing improvement. With only 4 weeks before golf-team tryouts Antonio didn’t have much time. After 5 intense golf-training lessons, Mr. Hassey was able to get most of Antonio’s old bad habits corrected and his swing on the right path. After 3 days of grueling golf-team tryouts on February 17th, 18th and 19th which included the golf coach overseeing the players’ full-swing and short-game abilities under various conditions… Antonio got the great news that he made the West Hills High School Golf Team. Congratulations Antonio!

Mr. Hassey can be contacted at http://www.HasseyGolf.com