How To Grip the Golf Club

There are two main reasons the grip is so important and 3 main goals of the golf grip.

gripgolfThe first reason the grip is so important is that it’s our body’s only connection to the golf-club. No other part of our body touches the club. Second, the grip is the only part of the golf-swing that can not be compensated for or corrected throughout the swing. If a golfer sets up with too much bend in the knees or the waist, s/he can compensate or correct this in the back-swing by straightening up a bit (not that we want to have to plan for such compensation). This is different from a poor grip. The golfer cannot reasonably re-grip into a correct grip in the back-swing, much less the down-swing.
The first goal of a correct grip is for the palms to face each other. Next, the grip should be set-up to make it easy for the golfer’s hands to lead the club-head through impact. And lastly, it’s important to understand the grip is the exact same no matter if the golfer is hitting a fade or a draw. The only thing that changes is how the club sits in the golfer’s hands. Unfortunately there has crept into the golf-instruction world some bad advice and golf-instruction has strayed from taking optimum advantage of physics and bio-mechanics. I made this video because after searching and searching I could not find a video out there that correctly described how to take a correct golf-grip. Enjoy watching.