Fix the Right Hand Flip… Fix Your Swing


Probably the biggest cause of both inconsistent contact as well as loss of distance is the fact that the right-hand is not educated and trained properly. My students ask me all the time… “shouldn’t my right-hand just ‘go along for the ride’?” My answer is always the same. Absolutely Not! The right-hand actually has a job to do in the back-swing and should be active. Its job is to make sure the hands and/or club doesn’t get stuck behind the golfer.
Additionally, as the golfer moves into and through impact, the right-hand never just “goes along for the ride. I tell students the right-hand is like a 3-year old child. If you don’t actually ‘give’ the right-hand a job to do, it’ll find something to do and it’s usually not good. I.e. – the right-hand will usually ‘push’ or ‘flip’ through impact. The golfer must clearly understand what the job of the left-hand should be in the golf-swing as well as the right-hand. It is because of this, that the first thing I focus on with all my students, is to educate them as to what tasks each hand must perform throughout the golf-swing… especially impact. Because once the hands perform correctly, the rest of the body/swing will fall into place much quicker. If you’d like to learn what the hands should be doing throughout the swing, and ‘why’… contact Jim Hassey at